Glasgow Leathery Weekend – Frequently asked questions



Read the information provided:

This is by far our biggest request to you, the sheer volume of additional work created because people simply will not read a page which contains everything that they could possibly need to know. Not to mention how long it took to collate and create all of that information.


If you do not read perfectly accessible information we will pass your name to Bad Santa, along with the names of those who previously took part in Secret Santa and neglected to actually bring gifts. We were shocked and annoyed, and that’s why we’re no longer doing Secret Santa.



Volunteers can be easily identified, they will be on hand at all events and will be wearing a rainbow lanyard featuring the word [HOST].


Free and discounted tickets:

The only event attendees who get financial support from the club, are current leather or bootblack title holders who have an active ongoing connection to our club. Such donations from the club are discussed on an individual basis by the Steering Committee upon request and awarded based on the merit of each request.


In addition, at GLW23 there will be one attendee who won a wristband which we had donated as prizes to the organisers of the leather weekend event in Cardiff.


It is important to note that all Steering Committee members and event volunteers pay exactly the same price to attend GLW as other event attendees. We heard a rumour circulating that this wasn’t the case. Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers and that this is our weekend too.


Leathermen Scotland is a not for profit club, we take payment for some events because we need to pay suppliers and to cover our costs. Things cost money, organising things for large groups of people can cost extra money.


There are no discounted tickets available, pricing for such events is a balancing act and we believe that our pricing is as fair as it can be.


How do I book:



Waiting list:

If there are no tickets available for something you would like to attend then please send us an email to and we will add you to a waiting list, please ensure that you advise us of which events you would like to attend.


If places become available we will contact people on the waiting list in the order in which they were added.



The general rule is that there will be no refunds.


If you are unable to attend the weekend and you contact us in advance we can attempt to sell your ticket(s) or to sell parts of your ticket(s) and refund you as appropriate, where possible. Please send us an email to


If you contact us, the Steering Committee may agree to refund all or part of your ticket(s), but only in exceptional circumstances.


If an event cannot take place and if we are unable to provide an alternative event we will of course refund the ticket price for that event.


Event start times:

Some events are advertised with a clear start time, please do your very best to be at events on time, if you arrive late you will keep all other attendees waiting. If you have no option other than to arrive late then please join the event with a minimum of fuss so as not to disturb others.


Depending upon the nature of an event, sometimes if you arrive late you may be denied admission.



There will be no speeches except perhaps for a welcome speech from the club President. People quite simply do not want more than that. We asked. If you attempt to make a speech we will ask you to stop, if you do not stop we will set the dogs on you.


Prize donations:

Prize donations must be received on the Friday evening at the Gallery Bar, or at another time or location by prior arrangement, only.


We greatly appreciate prize donations, however, it is unfair to volunteers to leave items with them outwith this time.


Payment for goods:

This is a fun and friendly weekend, if you buy a meal or a drink then the onus is on you to settle your personal bills. If you don’t settle your own debts we will do our utmost to identify you.


Intimate contact:

Leathermen Scotland are a social group only and all of our events are purely social events, please ensure that you stay within these reasonable and necessary boundaries. If you meet someone nice and want to get to know them better – get a room, obviously 😉



Please report any incidents as well as suspicious or inappropriate behaviour to us, we can only try to help with something if we actually know about it.


Any event attendee judged by a member of the Steering Committee or by a member of staff at a venue to be behaving in an inappropriate manner may be asked to leave.


We want you to enjoy your visit to the Glasgow Leathery Weekend, if you need help, directions or advice please ask, we will try to help where possible.


Emergency contact numbers:

Direct contact numbers for steering committee volunteers have been included in the email sent to all ticket purchasers, please use these as a last resort, volunteers will not be contactable early morning or late at night, and at other times they may be busy at an event. If assistance is needed we will of course try to help you.


Police (non emergency) – 101
Health Service (non emergency) – 111
Ambulance, fire, police (Emergency) – 999


Lost property:

In the first instance please contact the venue, then contact a steering committee member or a volunteer, if your item is found you must arrange to collect it as soon as is possible, this prevents people having to carry around your property and working around the arrangements of others.


If you find an item, alert the venue, or a volunteer if this isn’t possible.


We will contact venues after our weekend to check if any other items are handed in. Contact us on to check. If your lost property is not located that is your issue.


After the weekend:

We have spent months organising the weekend whilst working at our full time jobs and do not wish to be disturbed immediately in the aftermath with requests for things that can wait. Please leave a reasonable amount of time.