Author: Fraser

World AIDS Day 2023

In support of those living with HIV and AIDS, and in remembrance of all of those we have lost.  Know..

New club t-shirt logo variations

We have been able to add another version of the club logo to our t-shirts, so they can now be..

GLW23 tickets update

Tickets and information We think that people will understandably be waiting for payday, but wanted you to know that we..

DILF Glasgow: Leather Edition

OFFICIAL GLASGOW LEATHERY WEEKEND PARTY KLAXON See GLW page for details of special discount available for GLW wristband holders and..

GLW23 tickets

Tickets on sale very soon!

2024 events in Glasgow

List of events in Glasgow in 2024.  14th January 11th February 10th March 14th April 12th May 9th June 14th..

Membership cards

For your information: We will very soon be reissuing all Leathermen Scotland membership cards, they will be to a new..

Save the date for GLW23

Save the date! We would love for you to join us. Last year we had around 100 attendees, with people..