GLW23 tickets update

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We think that people will understandably be waiting for payday, but wanted you to know that we have now sold 60% of the #GLW23 tickets that are available.

This year we managed to secure 25% more places over the number that were available last year and we think that these will all go, at some point.

Remember that everyone involved is a volunteer who gives up their own time to make these things happen, and volunteers purchase event tickets at full price like other attendees.

We are obviously very well aware that everyone’s personal bills have greatly increased and we have done our very best throughout the planning process to keep our ticket prices as low as we can but to ensure that we still cover all of our costs. We take a general view that such events should cover their costs but that we will seek to make a ‘profit’ above that through donations and sales of raffle tickets during the event.

Please remember that only a couple of the events are open only to ticket holders, other events are deliberately open to all, although nightclub based events do require purchase of an additional ticket. This way we try to cater to those who can only attend for part of the weekend.

Just like we don’t want to exclude people for what gear they have or what gear they have just now, we similarly believe in doing what we can to not exclude people on cost, as we have demonstrated at our regular in person social events.

This year we also have two dedicated, passionate, committed and hard working current leather title holders with very strong connections to our club who are attending with subsidised tickets gifted to them by Leathermen Scotland and we are delighted that they have chosen to attend and spend the weekend with us all.

Bit nervous?
Never been out in gear?
Worried about what to wear?
Don’t know anyone?
Want to attend in different gear?

Whether you’re thinking of buying a ticket or coming along to a free event, it’s equally important to us.

Contact us.

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