Mr Leather UK

Leathermen Scotland

30th September 2021

Following the recent announcement and calls for survey responses by the MrLeatherUK CiC, representatives of Leathermen Cymru, Leathermen Scotland, and London Leathermen have met to have an open discussion regarding the future of the title. We are grateful to the leadership of the MRLUK CiC for starting to move this forwards, but we feel that we have been shut out of this decision-making process.

We recognise that our involvement – as two ECMC affiliated clubs and one club on the path to ECMC affiliation –  is key for European and International recognition of any MrLeatherUK title-holder, and are clear that our support in this regard requires a community-focussed approach where the voices of all member clubs can be heard.

The future of the title must be informed by free, fair and open discussion between the membership clubs. We have therefore warmly invited the leadership of MRLUK CiC to meet with us and the UK’s other membership clubs so that such a discussion can take place, allowing pertinent questions to be raised, and to foster community-centred, informed decision-making. 

We eagerly await their acceptance of this invitation.

Leathermen Scotland

ECMC applicant

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